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Your Guide to Getting Your Exec to Excel on Camera

Your people are an opportunity to personalize your expertise and insights, thus making your company more accessible and engaging for buyers. As a marketer you need to make sure your colleagues shine through and come across as likeable and relatable to help foster brand loyalty.


This guide delves into the tactical components of getting your executives to dominate on camera to capture the best content.

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9 Ways to Drive Higher Webinar Attendance with Email

Despite the growing popularity of social media and other promotional channels, email continues to be the leading driver of webinar registrations, representing 35% of all sign ups. From subject lines to images to copy, the overall design and content of your email plays an important role in the success of your email promotions.

This brief will cover:

  • -What it takes to craft and optimize highly effective email promotions
  • -Actionable tips on developing and measuring your promotional messages
  • -Best practices to drive maximum registration and attendance

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Your Webinar Is Over: Now What? Thinking Beyond the Live Event

Delivering a quality webinar involves a significant investment of time and effort. So why define webinar ROI only in terms of the live event? You can extend the reach of your message to audiences that did not attend the online session and make use of your webinar resources to further your business objectives in many ways. This white paper will help you consider approaches that pay dividends long after the live webinar has ended.

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Influencing the IT Visionary

Do you know what motivates your best buyers? Connecting with busy IT pros who are trying to stay on top of constantly evolving technology trends is no easy feat for today's IT marketers. That's why we tapped into our community of over 750K IT professionals across North America to see how they like to learn, research and make business decisions. 


Our new report covers the insights we've gathered from the visionaries across BrightTALK's IT communities and shares some key takeaways for IT marketers.

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Infographic: Meet the IT Visionary

Learn about the content viewing habits of today’s IT pros, how to attract them as a buyer and the most popular IT topics of 2015.

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