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Boosting Your Organic Traffic on BrightTALK

Running and distributing your content on BrightTALK disperses your message through our global of audience of 4 million professionals. Our platform helps your content gain exposure, both live and on-demand, across various industries, including technology, finance, and marketing. Users on BrightTALK are there to solve their most pressing business hurdles and grow their careers.

In this guide, we’ll dive into what organic traffic looks like on BrightTALK, the value it provides and the various ways your content can spike engagement to dramatically improve the ROI of your webinar and video investments.

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Your Guide to BrightTALK Paid Leads

Generating awareness and leads can be a marketer’s nightmare without a well-rounded, robust strategy. At the end of the day, the goal is to create relevant and timely conversations with the right prospects for your sales team to generate predictable pipeline success. 

This guide will explain three different types of leads that BrightTALK can provide that will help drive sales opportunities and marketing-sourced revenue:

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2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report

In 2015, BrightTALK supported thousands of global webinars and videos on our platform and across the web through channel embeds. This report looks at specific metrics including pre-webinar registrations, pre-registrations to live attendee conversions, and other engagement metrics.

In this report, you'll find data driven analyses and best practices, such as:
- When to promote your webinar
- How to acquire your target audience
- How to expand the life of your webinar after the live presentation is over

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BrightTALK: The Must-Have Paid Media Buy for B2B Marketers

Marketers have a plethora of options available to promote, distribute and generate larger audiences for their messaging efforts. From Google Adwords, PPC, to paid social media and influencer relations, an organization’s bread winning content does not have to go to waste.

So, why add another medium to your marketing mix? I’m going to take a wild guess that if you’re reading this it’s because your pipeline could be improved or you know that you could be seeing higher ROI from your webinar and video programs.

This guide highlights how BrightTALK works to connect you to your target audience, simplify your demand gen efforts and keep your pipeline full.

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3 Ways to Ensure Your Message Resonates with Your Audience

Considering the significant time and resources dedicated to content creation and promotion, it’s critical for marketers to know that their message is being heard by their best prospects.

In this brief, we’ll cover these three fundamental questions:

- Is your content available in versatile formats?
- Are you encouraging your audience to actively engage with your content?
- Are you getting your prospects where they are?

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