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When Cultivating a Community, Shape Content to Deliver Maximum Value

Professionals turn to communities for the latest insights, but they expect to effortlessly find, uncover, and digest the exact information they need. Of course, the kind of content offered matters, too—a lot. 
Frost & Sullivan recently conducted a survey to understand how, when, and why they participate in online communities to help them evaluate and purchase products, develop their careers, and positively impact their businesses.
Their findings discuss how marketers can cultivate an online community full of active, engaged members.

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Infographic: What Matters in B2B Content Marketing?

B2B content marketing infographicAs B2B marketers dedicate more time and resources to content marketing, there is increased pressure to tie efforts back to revenue. With this intensified focus, new priorities and challenges are emerging as marketers strive to increase ROI on their content marketing efforts.

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Infographic: What’s Hot in B2B Marketing

As a content education platform, we dug into our user data to identify the topics that marketers in North America are researching right now -- and what that means for your editorial strategy.

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B2B Content Marketing Report

The B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn conducted a comprehensive B2B Content Marketing Survey to better understand the current state of content marketing and to identify key challenges as well as best practices.

This new report is based on over 600 survey responses from B2B marketing professionals to better understand the current state of content marketing and to identify new trends and key challenges as well as best practices. 

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Underutilized Promotional Tactics: Increase Engagement with Your Prospects

As more marketers rely on content marketing to educate prospects and move them through the funnel, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to break through the noise and identify effective methods to connect with your best buyers.

Content marketing experts recommend a split in which 20% of time is spent on creation and 80% is spent on promotion. In this guide, we’re highlighting 11 underutilized tactics you can use to amp up your promotional prowess and broaden your content exposure.

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