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BrightTALK Guide to Using Social Media with Webinars

Successful webinar programs integrate social media to drive registration and engagement. This guide outlines the role of social media in pre- and post-webinar promotion, interaction during the live session, and employee advocacy on social channels, including how to:

- Schedule your social media calendar
- Capture attention with less words and clear messaging
- Maximize your exposure

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How Webinar Engagement Data Accelerates Sales Conversations

Most marketers recognize the value of webinars to attract new prospects, engage existing customers, build brand loyalty, and grow the sales pipeline. However, many of these same companies also ignore one of the biggest benefits of online events: using the information they generate to jumpstart the sales conversation and then accelerate the process from cultivation to close.

Frost & Sullivan research shows that one of the most valuable aspects of Web-based outreach is the ability to measure almost everything about a given interaction. Download this free guide to find out how you can use webinar engagement data to your sales team's advantage.

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Lead Generation: Insights from Today's B2B Marketers (Infographic)

B2B marketers face constant pressure to generate high-quality leads for their sales teams. The vast number of lead gen tactics have made this challenge more complex than ever before.

600+ marketing professionals were surveyed. Here are some of the highlights:

- 68% of B2B marketers consider quality leads the top priority BUT 59% of them find this to be the biggest challenge
- Top 5 most effective tactics for generating high-quality leads are company website, events, SEO, email marketing, and webinars

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B2B Lead Generation Report 2015

It’s no secret that B2B marketing is undergoing dramatic change, putting B2B marketing professionals under increasing pressure to deliver results and justify program and headcount investments.

In this new benchmarks report compiled by Holger Schulze of LinkedIn's B2B Technology Marketing Community, discover what the 5 major trends in lead generation are according to 600 marketing professionals.

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How to Generate Better Leads from Your Webinars

With the content revolution in full swing, B2B customers are becoming much more discerning when deciding what information deserves their attention. Webinars offer a hugely effective way to generate high quality leads, but only if they provide participants with a good experience and compelling, relevant content.

Check out this guide from B2B Marketing for some tips on how to generate better leads from webinars, including:

- Which type of B2B business can benefit from webinars
- What to consider when planning a webinar program
- How to attract prospects to your webinars
- How to ensure your technology runs smoothly

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