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Mapping B2B Content to Each Stage of the Funnel

B2B marketing teams invest significant resources and bandwidth to produce compelling content for their prospects and customers. However, many struggle when it comes to knowing what their audience actually wants and when they want it.

In this guide, learn the key components to mastering content creation for each stage of the funnel to maximize the impact and ROI of your content marketing efforts, including:

- How many pieces of information buyers engage with before making a purchasing decision
- How to leverage different content types at different stages of the funnel to maximize pipeline success
- How to optimize your content library for various mediums

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Buyer's Journey Trends Influencing Demand Generation Investments

Professionals are self-educating online more than ever before. 67% of the buyer’s journey is done digitally. So, how are the best marketers getting their products and solutions in front of prospects to influence them throughout the entire sales cycle?

We teamed up with Lightspeed GMI, a global market research firm, to conduct a series of studies about the digital buyer’s journey. In this guide, you will learn:

- Where buyers are researching to solve project-related problems
- Who has more purchasing power than ever before
- How to earn the trust of your audience

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Crafting Titles and Abstracts that Drive Webinar Registrations

Effective webinar programs can drive over 15,000 attendees to a single event if executed properly. However, experienced marketers know that means that you’ll have to have around 33,000 registrations to achieve your target, since only about 46% of your registrants will attend live.

In this guide, you will learn:

- How to identify must-have keywords
- The top 6 title structures for webinars
- How to effectively summarize your content

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The Power of Rich Content

Effective B2B marketers must leverage rich media content to nurture their prospects. Webinars and videos resonate with buyers in a way that goes beyond aesthetics. These formats amplify engagement, heighten a buyer’s understanding of value, and tell a story in a real way. 

This guide compares the value and effectiveness of rich media and text-based content throughout the buyer’s journey to demonstrate the critical role rich content plays in creating leads and generating revenue.

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BrightTALK Guide to Lead Scoring for Webinars

While not everyone who attends a webinar is a sales-ready lead, each interaction significantly improves your lead quality, enabling you to properly nurture and convert viewers into loyal customers. Effectively managing the handoff of leads between marketing and sales requires a comprehensive scoring model that understands a user’s interest and weights it appropriately.

In this guide, you will learn:

- Whether lead scoring is right for your organization
- How to implement a lead scoring model
- What key demographic and behavioral components to include in your model

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