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How to Be a Presentation God

We've all been there: an Excel spreadsheet smeared across a presentation slide and someone mumbling into a microphone while you check your email just to stay awake. It's presentation hell. But it doesn't have to be this way. In 'How to Be a Presentation God," Scott Schwertly shares effective step-by-step secrets for delivering transcendent presentations with an easy-to-implement approach focused on engaging content, personal storytelling and effective design elements — the holy trinity that leads to godly delivery.

• Building an epic presentation
• Utilizing various presentation design styles and approaches
• Employing different presentation delivery techniques

PRESENTER: Scott Schwertly, Founder, Ethos3 | moderated by David Kreitter, BrightTALK

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About your presenter:
As founder of presentation design firm Ethos3, Scott Schwertly knows the difference between a great presentation and a great reason for an audience to take a nap. He has authored a fantastic book on How to Be a Presentation God and is excited to be sharing this knowledge with you.