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Case Study: Uberflip

As a small team with a global footprint, Uberflip continuously needs to see a high ROI around each marketing campaign they run. While webinars are amongst their top performing tactics, they felt there was still room for more webinar-generated sales opportunities. Uberflip was looking to leverage their already successful webinar program to scale their lead generation without sacrificing lead quality. 

Uberflip turned to BrightTALK, a top global content marketing platform with a large, highly qualified marketing audience with more than 500,000 market- ers around the globe.

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Case Study: BMO Global Asset Management

Demonstrating ROI and proving how marketing efforts contribute to the bottom line are among the challenges at BMO. Find out how with a combination of BrightTALK’s demand generation and video services BMO was able to get impressive results and establish themselves as thought leaders.

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Christine Crandell Partners with BrightTALK Studios to Create Innovative Video Series

Christine Crandell, a recognized thought leader in B2B marketing, wanted a fresh way to showcase her evangelism, public speaking, and thought leadership on B2B market trends, as well as a way to continue building her professional brand. Her goal was to partner with a creative team that would be receptive to her ideas.


Crandell partnered with the BrightTALK Studios team to produce “Market Movers,” a video series in which she interviews high-profile innovators.


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Modulus Attracts and Engages Their Target Audience with High-Impact Content on BrightTALK

As a premier hosting platform providing technology stacks for application developers, Modulus targets high-level engineers and needed an engaging, effective way to scale their demand generation efforts quickly without investing a large amount of resources.

While their Product Marketing Manager, Shelly Valentine, had never done webinars before, she determined that producing webinars on BrightTALK would be the most effective way to engage busy engineers and produce high-impact marketing content. For Modulus, BrightTALK became a powerful means of attracting a specific target audience and engaging this audience with high-impact content — fast.

Modulus attracted hundreds of live viewers to their first webinar and generated 10 sales opportunities quickly. According to Valentine, “BrightTALK has already paid for itself.” 

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BrightPoint Security Grows and Improves Their Database with BrightTALK

BrightPoint Security needed to generate clear awareness and education around their threat intelligence solution to the widest group possible while conserving time and resources.

Senior Vice President of Marketing Jill Kyte understood that the threat intelligence platform space is a new and yet noisy market. Kyte needed the ability to create cost-effective, net new, highly qualified leads to feed her sales team and get beyond the hype from the competition.

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